In the age of ideas, there is so much to say, but so little time to listen.

For a media coaching company in search of a new identity, we needed to come up with a trailblazing symbol that would successfully project a complete brand transformation.

What we see, experience and believe is separated by the veil of perception – like a prism separating white light into an array of colors.

The problem

Earlier this year, Goudie Media Services launched their rebranded identity as a way to better communicate the transformative services they provide for their clientele.

Prism focuses on the emotional demands of their customers or constituencies and how the business can communicate with them to effectively problem-solve and redirect business activity in a positive direction.

Goudie Media Services website before re-brand
The Solution

The strategy was to completely unveil the true power of communication through their innovative 5-step method designed to create inspirational growth and long-lasting relationships.

We chose prism because it sheds light on our struggle to survive. It represents the human mind’s ability to interpret.

The white beam represents a person being born. The prism represents their life. The colored bars represent the different facets of their being gained throughout their life.

The Result
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