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This is a summary of how Major Onions was strategically transformed from a sports-focused news blog into The Six Thirty, a digital news publication that in its first year of distribution was named “The Fastest Growing Website in the World” by WordPress.


After securing an angel investor for, our small team had to quickly learn how to monetize our online content to meet quarterly revenue goals.

To accomplish this, we decided to completely rebrand our original product of sports-focused news content to cater towards a much larger sector of the Millennial audience we were already engaging. This tactic would allow us to put our content in front of a more desirable audience for advertisers, leading us to greater revenue opportunities.


The evolution began with in-depth research by our team to identify what types of content most successfully garnered the attention of our target audience – the elusive Millennial.

We concluded that our opportunity for growth lies in the fact that our Millennial audience was deeply invested in learning more about the changing world around them, but ultimately felt misrepresented in the media’s representation of their opinion.

From there, The Six Thirty was born – a digital news publication distributed via daily e-newsletters that encapsulated the unfiltered, unapologetic voice and opinions of our generation.

To transform Major Onions into The Six Thirty — named for its daily 6:30 a.m. distribution — and build brand recognition, we knew we had to create consistently, shareable news content geared toward our target audience’s interests that would generate organic growth, drive advertising revenue and establish a higher search engine ranking – now all we needed was a strategic process to accomplish these goals.


While our primary product was creative, newsworthy content, The Six Thirty’s digital team also provided several services to advertisers that bought space with us including sponsored editorial posts, display advertising, social media boosting and product promotion.

Our overall content process ran on the careful balance of hitting deadlines, managing multiple projects at a time and strong communication. It was both a science and an art that allowed our company to attain massive growth in readership via strategic content creation.

This is a breakdown of our user data and significant figures (Google Analytics).
This is a breakdown of our user data and significant figures continued (Google Analytics).
Major Onions agency services provided to potential clientele.
The Six Thirty scored higher than CNN, MSNBC and FOX in website speed (

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